Stir Crazy

We live in NC and here in the South, the county closes school when they even hear the word snow. Last week my kiddo’s were out the entire week for some icy conditions. Then today, they were out because we had two snowflakes fall. Yes, I said two. Apparently tomorrow night we have about 3 inches of snow coming in, which means we will be out again until probably next month. (insert sarcasm) I just want to say that 5 kids in the house all day is driving me crazy. That is all.


How much is to much?

So generally speaking, how much is to much to post? Can I post a four paragraph story venting? And then turn around and post a two line quote from my toddler? Not sure. I tend to have a lot to say, but if I don’t put pen to paper when I think of it, I will forget.

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